Fange: Purge

Those of you not familiar with the gifted French extreme metal act Fange, take a deep breath and start at the beginning, their 2014 EP, Poisse, back from when they were still a trio.

Since then the band has added Calvaiire frontman Matthias Jungbluth to their lineup and now they are back with a full length release to take absolutely no prisoners...

Purge is the kind of the slow burning record that will liquefy your brain and wreck your nervous system; the steamroller kind. Think of death metal's glory days in the late eighties and nineties enhanced with some resonant blackened crust, hardcore grit and abysmal, unbearable doom and be cautioned: this record is a hellish ride to utter darkness through some tough and filthy terrain.

Colossal riffs, dexterous and palpable drumming, suffering and soul-crushing vocals; with their debut album Fange take the extreme a step further.

Despite the exhaustion it might cause the listener, Purge is an addictive thrill, brief as to its duration but abundant concerning everything else.

Purge is scheduled to be released on September 2nd through Throatruiner and Lost Pilgrims Records.

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