D//E Playlist: Thick As Pig Shit // Britain Exits EU

To be frank, D//E is not an expert source neither on Britain's decision to leave the European Union nor politics in general, we're only in it for the opportunity to compile yet another playlist for our listening pleasures.

Surely there are convincing arguments on both sides of the matter, however we feel like we have to acquiesce (see what we did here?) in those dearly ones we trust the most. So, in the wise words of Noel Gallagher about yesterday's referendum,

What are you asking the people for? 99 percent of the people are thick as pig shit.

 20 tracks, over an hour and a half of great music... Play loud...


  1. Suede: Europe Is Our Playground
  2. Six By Seven: European Me
  3. The Velvet Underground & Nico: European Son
  4. Japan: European Son
  5. Kraftwerk: Europe Endless
  6. Björk: Declare Independence 
  7. Badly Drawn Boy: Born In The UK
  8. Luke Haines: England, Scotland And Wales
  9. The Waterboys: Old England
  10. Max Richter: Europe, After The Rain
  11. Ulver: England's Hidden
  12. Billy Brag: Take Down The Union Jack
  13. Kreator: Europe After The Rain
  14. UK Decay: Anarchy In The UK
  15. Motörhead: God Save The Queen
  16. The Adicts: Ode To Joy
  17. Roxy Music: A Song For Europe
  18. Kate Tempest: Europe Is Lost
  19. David Bowie: Changes
  20. The Divine Comedy: When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe

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