U.S. Girls: Half Free

It's no surprise that Meg Remy's U.S. Girls is now a 4AD act, a label known worldwide for its eclectic taste and for very carefully selecting its roster over the years.

On her first ever full length for 4AD Remy wanders through the lo-fi pop territories on which we met her through her previous albums and deals with heartbreaking themes and complex emotions like family issues and gender equality in the modern world. It all feels and sounds like the true voice of a feminist, evolved and refined in an art pop package, ready to enchant an even wider audience than the earlier U.S. Girls catalog has successfully reached so far.

Along with Damn That Valley which we have previously posted about, there are a couple more music videos off the new album, the first directed by Meg Remy and the second directed by Remy and Cameron Mitchell.

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