Destruction Unit: If Death Ever Slept

Adopted by Sacred Bones in 2013, Destruction Unit have just put out their punkiest titled and maybe punkiest sounding record yet, Negative Feedback Resistor. The Arizona psych punks have been well-known for their terrorizing take-no-prisoners live shows and on this new record they're just as assaulting, brutal and discomforting.

Negative Feedback Resistor features appearances from Dirty Beaches' Alex Zhang Hungtai and Germs' (how fitting!) drummer Don Bolles and it's the heaviest, both in sound and in feeling, work he band has put together yet. It's not easy to digest, therefore it's not for everyone, but those who are surviving till the end, are guaranteed to have their ears buzzing and their brains throbbing.

Listen to If Death Ever Slept right below and another song off the album on our latest playlist.

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