Krallice: Ygg Huur

New York experimental black metal band, Krallice, have self released through Bandcamp their fifth studio album, called Ygg Huur.

Continuing from where they left off, this is their first release of new material since 2012's Years Past Matter and came as a surprise release. Together with Liturgy, Weakling and Wolves In The Throne Room, Krallice have been on the modern, more experimental and now on the more atmospheric part of black metal, bending the genre to maybe annoy the "trve", but earn the respect of thousands of fans of extreme music.

Clocking at only 35 minutes, the first impressions by Ygg Huur are that it is the most imposing and best developed Krallice album to date. Surely to the untrained ear it might sound like a messy mashup of math, progressive blabbering and black metal for the hipster tumblr bloggers, but if you move away from all prejudice, you'll figure out that Krallice have matured and they've taken their kind of black metal to the most technical and most dramatic it can get. This time Colin Marston's experience with Gorguts seems like it's been exploited to its peak. I liked Krallice before those three years of absence and although the extremely technical and complex part has me scratching my head, trying to figure out what's happening, the overall surreal ambiance of the record makes it so distinguishing.

Stream the album below in its entirety.

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