Bitter End: Illusions Of Dominance

Texan hardcore band, Bitter End, are about to release their new album, Illusions Of Dominance on June 30th via Deathwish Inc.

Coming five years after their previous effort, Guilty As Charged, the new record clearly once again exposes the band's love for the New York Hardcore scene of the late eighties and it's themed around existential subjects and the vagueness of existence in general.

Illusions Of Dominance has all the potential to become a hardcore classic, firmly putting on display its solid mid-tempos, dynamite thrashy riffs and authoriative vocals, all shadowed by the deep, gutsy and poetic lyrics throughout all songs. The dramatic and moving breakdowns complete the depiction of a vibrant, forceful record that balances between brute heaviness and the vulnerability of life's inevitable existential mistrust.

This is thirty-one minutes of pissed-off hardcore and thrash riffing might, by one of the best bands in the modern rendition of a deep and much important genre.


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