Akitsa: Grands Tyrans

Canadian black metal project, Akitsa, has just released its new album, Grands Tyrans on CD and tape via Hospital Productions.

Once again centered around dark and misanthropic themes, Grands Tyrans, Akitsa's fifth studio album, under the leadership of Outre-Tombre (aka O.T.) grippingly blends second wave, Darkthrone-ish black metal with punk and highly energetic rock 'n' roll, together with industrial elements, without sounding neither pretentious nor tiresome, not for a moment during the album's nine tracks.

Fueled by the degeneration, decadence and deviance he sees in today's society, O.T., the sole composer behind everything on Grands Tyrans, invites the listener to welcome Death, coming with arms wide open and dedicates the record to "the citizen soldiers (...) who will advance as war heroes during the march to eternal rest", as he proudly states on Akitsa's Bandcamp.

Fans of both old school ("trve") and contemporary black metal, this is definitely worth a listen.


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