King Hitter

King Hitter is a hard rock band from Raleigh, NC, that features ex-Corrosion Of Conformity vocalist and founding member of Leadfoot, Karl Agell and Leadfoot guitarist, Scott Little.

Agell was very briefly a part of COC and only recorded one album with them, but that album happens to be 1991's Blind, a classic for the stoner rock/metal genre, that earns Agell the title of COC's best vocalist according to many fans and critics.

King Hitter have just released their debut EP, comprised of five tracks and it's pretty much enjoyable,
unless you expect Blind's grit or the southern feel of Leadfoot, which King Hitter is nothing like. Instead this time the band blends hard rock and metal with modern elements, without ever settling down on neither the hard rock nor the alternative style. Feels a little awkward at first, but then again it's nice to have Agell back in action.

The video for Feel No Pain was created by Michael Dickinson.

King Hitter on Bandcamp 


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