D//E Playlist: Robert Smith Outside The Cure

April 21st marks Robert Smith's 56th birthday and provides us with the best opportunity to compile a quick playlist of the man's work outside the outfit for which he's mostly known.

The playlist includes tracks from his side projects, his Burton movies songs, his participation in the tribute albums to Paul McCartney and John Martyn and a whole bunch of collaborations with artists such as 65daysofstatic, Crystal Castles, Billy Corgan, Tweaker and more. Makes you wonder how this man can even make Blink-182 sound good...

Happy 56th birthday Robert Smith... Enjoy 17 tracks of Robert Smith outside The Cure...


01. Cogasm - A Sign From God
02. The Glove - A Blues In Drag
03. Robert Smith - Small Hours
04. Robert Smith - Very Good Advice
05. Robert Smith - Witchcraft
06. Robert Smith - C Moon
07. Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith - Not In Love
08. 65daysofstatic ft. Robert Smith - Come To Me
09. 8:58 ft. Robert Smith - Please
10. The Japanese Popstars ft. Robert Smith - Take Forever
11. Billy Corgan & Robert Smith - To Love Somebody
12. Junior Jack ft. Robert Smith - Da Hype
13. Blank & Jones ft. Robert Smith - A Forest
14. Tweaker ft. Robert Smith - Truth Is
15. Blink-182 ft. Robert Smith - All Of This
16. Junkie XL ft. Robert Smith - Perfect Blue Sky
17. Reeves Gabrels with Robert Smith - Yesterday's Gone

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