Winter Severity Index: Slanting Ray

Winter Severity Index from Rome, Italy started as an all-girl four-piece band in 2010, released a couple of promising EPs, a self-titled one and Survival Rate (among our Modern Darkwave Releases a year ago), until finally got to release their debut full-length as a duo.

The band now consists of Simona Ferrucci and Alessandra Romeo and their album Slanting Ray is out on Manic Depression Records.

Clearly drawing inspiration from everything cold and eighties post-punk, The Cure bass lines and darkwave, despite their deduction from a full blown band to a duo, Slanting Ray sounds like their most accomplished work to date, equalizing hope and despair in a perfect balance.

Crystal clear distorted guitars, synths and gloomy bass lines, emotional lyrics and dark wave aesthetics, all wonderfully executed.

Listen below…

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