Sannhet: Lost Crown

Sannhet’s new album, Revisionist is going to be released on March 3rd via The Flenser.

From the press release:

The album is a dizzying concoction of math-metal intricacy, prismatic pop shimmer, and dense metallic crush, taking the metalgaze sound of likeminded modern metal combos like Deafheaven or Alcest and adding more dynamic indie rockisms and churning noise rock crunch.

Brooklyn based Sannhet return two years after their debut Known Flood that made quite an impact, not necessarily among metalheads only. Combining every sub-genre of extreme metal from black metal to sludge to even grindcore, given through post rock and shoegazing filters, Sannhet’s sound noisy, dirty and at the same time sentimental.

With King Woman, Boduf Songs, Father Murphy and this, 2015 kicked off really well for The Flenser. We’re eager to see what’s next.

Watch Revisionist teaser trailer below, video by AJ Annunziata.

Listen to Lost Crown, off Sannhet’s new album…

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