The Astronauts: Survivors // Free Download

One of the best bands to ever come from the UK punk scene of the late 70s, The Astronauts produced eight albums and a bunch of EPs, in which they experimented with many different genres, from hard rock to folk to even ambient house music on some occasions.

Improperly ignored by the press in their early stage, The Astronauts were massively followed by many fans of underground alternative music, together with two of other UK anarcho-punk/post punk bands they had befriended, Zounds and The Mob. It was right after those recordings and with the release of their first LP, Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs in 1981 that they would earn critical acclaim from the press and eventually appeal to a larger audience.

Totally in the spirit of proto-punk, but like the rest of their work quite hard to characterize, Survivors, this compilation of The Astronauts’ early material covers their 1979-80 releases.

The album features all tracks from their self titled EP and Pranksters in Revolt EP, both originally released on Bugle, as well as two tracks they recorded as Restricted Hours on the rare split EP with The Syndicate for the Stevenage Rock Against Racism label.

Survivors is up on La Vida Es Un Mus’ Bandcamp for free/name your price digital download and reissued on two vinyl editions, black and blue on their shop.

Free Download via La Vida Es Un Mus’ Bandcamp

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