Boduf Songs: Stench Of Exist

It feels like the first really jaw-dropping release of 2015 has almost arrived, coming via The Flenser, it’s called Stench Of Exist and it is the new album by Boduf Songs.

Boduf Songs is the solo project of Mat Sweet from Southampton, UK, who has previously released four albums on Kranky, some on his own label Blue Baby Recordings, a couple on Southern Records (including a Latitudes series release), Under The Spire and BlueSanct Recording Corporation, all of which are worth checking out. Now on The Flenser his latest album is described on the press release as a drowsy, druggy, dreamy record that unfolds languorously, laced with mysterious electronic filigree (…) gorgeously intimate, transforms the minimal into maximal with layers of electro-detritus wreathed in lush guitar strums, street-side field recordings, reverberating pianos and softly crooned vocals.

A couple of songs off the new album are already available to listen, both very esoteric and dreamlike, one of which is a simple but captivating video by Mat Sweet.

Hypnotic, minimal electronic but heavily rich at the same time, brings a whole new meaning to the singer-songwriter’s game, mixing drones and electronic downtempo beats with acoustic folk and classic, accessible song structures, as opposed to some of his previous, weirder and kind of more experimental releases.

It looks like The Flenser’s roster is growing to become more and more impressive, with new record releases by Sannhet, King Woman and Mastery (!) planned for the near future.

Pre-order Stench of Exist coming on February 3rd via The Flenser

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