Elvis Depressedly: n.m.s.s

Since 2011 Coma Cinema’s Mat Cothran from South Carolina, has recorded a number of self produced EPs with his side project, Elvis Depressedly, who now after just being signed by Run For Cover Records, are about to release their first proper full-length album as a band.

The new album will be called New Alhambra and it’s scheduled for spring 2015. A first taste off the LP is n.m.s.s (an acronym for No More Sad Songs), a video shot by Delaney Mills, Trey Murphy, and Jay Rubin in Asheville, NC.

Here’s your dose of optimism // melancholy (depends on how you handle your lo-fi) right here…

There’s plenty of time until the record’s release to get busy with the previous Elvis Depressedly works, all of which are up to get for free through Bandcamp.