Everything about Carpenter Brut’s first two EPs, from the desolate cover art, to the act’s name, the song titles, the actual outrun-nightmarish music, got D//E immediately hooked, like any true fan of John Carpenter would.

Fortunately we were among the first to get an advanced copy of EP III, Carpenter Brut’s new work, scheduled to be released on January 19th and the impression upon the first few listens is nothing near disappointing. The new EP is in a way just like the previous two, but at the same time totally different. It’s the same regarding the feel, mood and texture, although this time the music sounds richer, more carefully arranged and better thought. In the same realm and covering the exact same eighties-like dystopian nightmarish theme, EP III is probably the best, most accomplished Carpenter Brut release so far, making that whole body of the act’s work until now seem like a trilogy that concludes on a high note. Run, Sally, Run! and Paradise Warfare currently feel like the record’s highlights, however in time that might change, since there’s not a single weak moment in the total of six tracks that it includes. Also this time around one of the songs, Anarchy Road features vocals, gladly welcome, well-suited male vocals that compliment the music quite strongly, a move making this idea of Carpenter Brut possibly appealing to wider audiences, seem not that distant anymore.

So, get your inverted crosses on and feast your eyes and ears to a teaser clip for Run, Sally, Run! (NSFW) and an audio track, Anarchy Road, both out of the not yet released, excellent EP III by Carpenter Brut.

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