National Metal Day 2014

Well, to be accurate, for a trve fan of heavy metal every day is a metal day, but since VH1 classic declared 11/11 National Metal Day, there is no reason not to play along…

Here’s five clips celebrating metal in completely different ways and instances…

Steel Panther - Death To All But Metal

Most of you out there probably don’t consider Steel Panther any better than a bad joke, but some of their stuff are pretty entertaining, especially those concerning their pride in metal. Death To All But Metal is from their debut major label release Feel The Steel and features Corey Taylor.

Tenacious D - The Metal

Featured in the closing credits of their insane film, The Pick Of Destiny, Tenacious D briefly chronicle the history of heavy metal in The Metal, a heavily riffed jam that celebrates the long longevity of heavy metal music, while depreciating all the other genres that have tried to dethrone it over the years.

Dio - Holy Diver

Let’s get serious now. Such a list would never be complete without an entry by the late Ronnie James Dio, the man who invented the devil metal horns as a gesture. In maybe his finest moment under the Dio moniker, he is a hairy barbarian in this 1983 exemplary metal video, directed by Arthur Ellis.

Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder

The opener of probably their best record, Strong Arm Of The Law, Heavy Metal Thunder is NWOBHM legends Saxon, in their greatest form, in one of the genre’s most iconic songs.

Brian Posehn- More Metal Than You

Alright, we’ve been serious long enough, so back to comedy. It’s often that comedy and metal go  so well together and Brian Posehn, being a metalhead and a great comedian is the finest example of those two combined. His 2010 comedy album, Fart And Wiener Jokes includes a metal song as well, that features Brett Anderson from The Donnas, Brendon Small from Dethklok and Mark Morton from Lamb Of God.

Horns up!

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