Death In June Live At Nothing Changes, New York, November 16th 2014

Performed live at Nothing Changes in New York on November 16th 2014, here’s the Death In June concert in its 90-minute entirety, followed by photos by Nikki Sneakers.


  1. The Enemy Within

  2. He’s Disabled

  3. Leper Lord

  4. Rose Clouds of Holocaust

  5. Fall Apart

  6. Come Before Christ and Murder Love

  7. Ku Ku Ku

  8. Accidental Protege

  9. Hail! The White Grain

  10. Peaceful Snow

  11. Wolf Rose

  12. Symbols of the Sun

  13. The Maverick Chamber

  14. But What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?

  15. Good Mourning Sun

  16. She Said Destroy

  17. The Mourner’s Bench

  18. Luther’s Army

  19. Life Under Siege

  20. Little Black Angel

  21. Runes and Men

  22. All Pigs Must Die

  23. The Death of the West

  24. To Drown a Rose

  25. Disappear in Every Way

  26. Leopard Flowers

  27. Omen Filled Season

  28. Rose Clouds of Holocaust

  29. The Golden Wedding of Sorrow

  30. The Honour of Silence

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