Sleepmakeswaves: Love Of Cartography

Sleepmakeswaves’ third album Love Of Cartography has already been released in Australia, awaiting release for the rest of the world in early September.

No matter if it’s considerd by many overused and maybe stereotyped, the post-rock genre hasn’t went away and probably never will, thanks to bands like Sleepmakeswaves, who have never disappointed so far. Their new album is a great continuation from where the left off, a nice step forward. The use of electronics is most welcome next to the piano mellowness or the energetic guitars, adding to this new strengthened and vital profile the band has established for itself. Love Of Cartography grows more with each listen and if you’re not already well up in Sleepmakeswaves’ rest of works, it will make you want to revisit those and appreciate how the word “standstill” doesn’t mean anything to neither the post-rock genre in general or this great band.

Their amazing new video for Great Northern is directed by Bradley C and it’s an emblematic delineation of the genre the band’s representing, a typical post-rock short film, deep in esotericism and awe-inspiring disturbance.

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