Dance With The Dead

Dance With The Dead is an electronic music duo from Orange County, CA, consisting of Justin Pointer and Tony Kim, whose debut album Out Of Body was released on Halloween 2013. In the same vein as Power Glove, Mitch Murder, Perturbator, Lazerhawk and Mega Drive, DWTD are a part of the new retro wave synth scene, reminiscing the eighties and heavily themed in outrun, dystopian, horror and sci-fi subjects.

Out Of Body was an incredible, dark album of excellent production with massive, extraordinary synthscapes, nicely balanced with the most magnificent use of guitars, a record that overall works as an almost cinematic cyberpunk experience. A few months later, last March, DWTD delivered Into The Abyss, an equally impressive 7-track EP that certainly places them among the best of their kind. This time around their sound is more physical, more intense, a true force that rocks even harder than its predecessor.

A bit on the darker side of synthwave than most of their analogous contemporaries, DWTD are one of the most interesting acts of the bunch and one step at a time seem to steadily move towards greatness. A a new full length is in the works, until then dwell into those two outstanding releases and you’re in for an insane eighties-infused outrun journey.

Here’s a track from each DWTD release so far…

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