Karma To Burn: Arch Stanton

Legendary instrumental stoner rockers Karma To Burn are about to release their sixth studio album, brilliantly titled Arch Stanton, a straight reference to Sergio Leone’s 1966 classic, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

Arch Stanton is the band’s heaviest and probably best album in quite a while, loaded with killer riffs and in-your-face stoner rock attitude, looking back at their early days when they created a couple of the genre’s most iconic albums. As (almost) always all the tracks on the album are titled with numbers, with Fifty Nine being possibly the most impressive one, since the gimmick of including in it dialogue samples from Leone’s film works really well. Along the way you get to pass through various mood changes, from fast and steadily rhythmed, confident attitude to some almost wistful, lethargic approach, from fast heavy riff driven metal to mean and even heavier doom.

This is surely the best shape Karma To Burn have been since their reformation in 2009. Arch Stanton may be not up to par with their late 90s classics, it’s an excellent southern metal record though, worthy of the band’s reputation as one of stoner rock’s finest.

To judge for yourselves, here are two tracks off the album you can listen to right now, a video for Fifty Three and audio for Fifty Seven.

Arch Stanton is out on August 18th via Deepdive Records and FABA Records.

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