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Almost a week ago Sid Caesar passed away at 91. For the last few decades, Caesar hasn’t been in the media much, but back in the 50s he had his big part in prime-time television comedy, mostly with his live sketch shows, Your Show Of Shows and Caesar’s Hour. Among the writers that wrote for him back then were Mel Brooks, Neil Simon and Woody Allen.

No wonder Caesar was considered to be one of the pioneers of comedy and television in general. His influence in the art of comedy has been highly praised by many. He’s been honoured with multiple awards and standing ovations throughout his career. After all Albert Einstein was a fan of his and Alfred Hitchcock called him “the funniest performer since Charlie Chaplin.

Nine years ago, August 2005, Billy Crystal writes in Vanity Fair:

"I get nervous when I am with these giants. I always feel like I want to say, Thank you. I am blessed to have grown up in their time of perfection, to have witnessed the utter force of Sid. Live, uncut, daring but not risqué. Never stooping beneath themselves, Sid and this team of icons put forth a raucous, hilarious, and truthful brand of comedy that, 50 years later, is still funny and inspiring, and makes me think … What kind of comedy would I be doing if I hadn’t seen Sid Caesar? Would I be a comedian at all?"

Sudden disappearance from the spotlight, alcoholism, sleeping pills, staying off the spotlight for good, these are some of the main reasons for younger generations and not die-hard comedy fans for not being familiar with this artist’s work. Sid Caesar deserves deeper study and appreciation though, and luckily there are plenty of clips available to watch online.

Sid Caesar and Nanette Fabray on Argument to Beethoven’s 5th…

There are many box sets and DVD collections compiling Caesar’s work to choose from.

Here’s one

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