Sunn O))) // Ulver ... Terrestrials // LA REH 012


There are two new releases from Sunn O))) in a very short while, and they both deserve equal amounts of attention, especially given that one of them is a collaborative LP with Norwegian greats, Ulver,. Both sound very exciting and it's most appropriate for them to be consumed in the dark through headphones.

You know that opening sequence of Koyaanisqatsi, where the desolate desert landscapes, waves and cloud formations roll over the screen accompanied by deep male chanting and organ ostinatos. That’s where we were. – Daniel O’Sullivan

A couple of weeks before Terrestrials, the Sunn O))) & Ulver collaboration is released, another Los Angeles rehearsal tape, serving as a sequel to REHEARSAL DEMO NOV 11 2011, is out on limited edition of 1500 machine numbered copies, titled LA REH 012.



SUNN O))) & Ulver


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