Death Of Lovers: Buried Under A World Of Roses

First take a look at the components of which Death Of Lovers are made: They’re Philly based. They came together by former Deafheaven member, now of Whirr and members of Nothing. Their members are also in bands like Night Sins and Swan Dive. Their first release is out on Deathwish Inc.

The band surely carries all of the shoegaze enchantment of their members’ background on their shoulders, yet there is so much more than that happening on their debut EP. This is certainly a new band with a totally different sound.

How imposing the EP’s cover stands, could either bring to one’s mind Joy Division’s short lived greatness or the endearing early releases by Death In June. Its sound lead by some captivating heavy percussion, creates this hauntingly depressive atmosphere and everything inside reeks of sweet sadness. Lasting only four songs long, this release only scratches a bit of the surface of what this exciting new band is definitely about to achieve.

Marvel at the eerie Buried Under A World Of Roses video, in black and white elegance, confused with highly contrasting psychedelic colours.

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