Rosemary: Pomegranate EP

Diverse cultures mixed, it has happened before. It happens a lot and quite regularly in music. Rock bands go symphonic, electric acts release acoustic records, pop stars exploit some somewhere famous local musician outside the Billboard chart realm, hoping to standout, surprise the audiences and pass as open minded, leftfield artists. There’s really no shock factor to that. You can’t force diverse cultures and styles to mingle, unless it’s absolutely natural, unless you’re Rosemary.

Rosemary consist of the Iranian singer Sahar and the Danish producer Lasse and they’re located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their music described in one word, that word would be electropop, but you have to listen for yourself to know exactly what you’re dealing with. It’s weird, dark, melancholic and like hell powerful. It’s hard to handle, but once you do, you get absorbed to the idiosyncrasy.

Listen to Pomegranate on Spotify

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