5 Albums To Look Out For In 2014

COLD CAVE - Sunflower

No release date has been announced, yet Wesley Eisold kept popping up new singles and EPs starting from late 2012 and all 2013 long. He describes the new album as a mix between some of the bigger sounds on Cherish and more minimal stuff I’m interested in now, like Suicide or 39 Clocks. The band is currently extra busy touring Europe and on May they’re up for opening for Nine Inch Nails on their European and UK tour.

HTRK - Psychic 9​-​5 Club

Halfway through recording the brilliant Work (Work Work) back in 2010, Sean Stewart, one of the original HTRK and ex Portraits Of Hugo Perez members, committed suicide. This new album will be the first one HTRK return back to being a duo again. It comes out on April 1st via Ghostly International. A first taste off the album is the haunting Give It Up.

THEE SILVER MT. ZION MEMORIAL ORCHESTRA - Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything

Thee Silver Mt. Zion have stopped being treated like a Godspeed You! Black Emperor spin-off a long while ago. The new album comes out on January 21st and we are promised a heavier and more direct sound. A five minute album trailer made by the band below.

FOGF 333x333x999 from Constellation Records on Vimeo.

TRUST - Joyland

Two years after the critically acclaimed debut TRST, Robert Alfons returns with a sophomore album, he describes as an eruption of guts, eels, and joy. Out on March 4th by Arts & Crafts. Teaser trailer below by Balthazar Auxietre.

HAVE A NICE LIFE - The Unnatural World

HANL came out with a bang in 2008 with Deathconsciousness, their double (!) debut, a unique hybrid of shoegaze/industrial/drone/new-wave elements, an actually hard to categorize record. An EP of equivalent uniqueness followed in 2010 and now, four years later, this, scheduled for a February 4th co-release via The Flenser & Enemies List.

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