Pascagoula: Insecurity Breach

Insecurity Breach is the debut single from Pascagoula's intense new album For Self Defence. The Brighton-based group includes members from Charlottefield, Trencher, and Mullholland. The new track is a powerful noise rock piece with a post hardcore flair, showcasing the band's creative and dynamic energy with a fierce and vitriolic style.

On the new track Pascagoula says: “Dave wrote a couple of riffs in the ugly/catchy mode. Adam applied himself to the on/off dynamics and played the bass like you’re not supposed to. Misha wrote a bridge riff with a specific point of impact. Ross thought it sounded anthemic, so wrote the opposite: a song about disunity, defeat, discouragement. A failed transmission.

For Self Defence is out on July 5th, 2024 from Human Worth.


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