Muscle Vest: Landlord Cull

Landlord Cull, the latest single from London noise-punk band Muscle Vest, is part of their upcoming EP Every Day for the Rest of Your Life, set to release in late July 2024 via MUZAI Records.
The track is inspired by the frustrations of the UK rental market and the problems tenants face with landlords, ranging from rental bidding wars to neglected glue traps. The song and its accompanying video showcase the band's radical spirit and their focus on societal issues through a powerful and energetic punk rock sound, delivered with a heartfelt performance which sticks out.
Landlord Cull functions as a cathartic release for listeners who share similar experiences, as it clearly and emphatically expresses the confusion and intensity of these struggles, as well as the deep-seated frustrations and challenges endured by renters.

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