This World Has Bees: This Barren Place

This World Has Bees, a post rock / post metal band from Maine, has recently unveiled their new EP, This Barren Place, a collection of songs crafted between 2019 and 2023 which showcases the group's instrumental mastery. The EP is characterized by its immersive soundscapes, rich with atmosphere and emotion, and stands out for its density and cohesiveness.

This Barren Place begins with a moody and ritualistic tone, with the track I Give Myself To The Black Empty Sea living up to its ominous title, delivering a heavy rock sound which seamlessly merges with the expansive post rock style that the band lays down from the get go. The sinister introduction gives way to melodic guitars, providing a balance that makes the track an imposing start to what promises to be an outstanding EP.

Conjoint tracks, Shapes and Shadows, adopt a more serene approach, focusing on the cinematic aspects of the band's sound rather than the metallic elements which marked the beginning of the EP. Despite the relatively more serene tone, these tracks have some intensity to provide, and feature moments of explosive energy. Shadows, in particular, culminates in an epic climax which is especially enticing.

The EP concludes with Something That Just Is, a track which beautifully encapsulates a post rock classicality reminiscent of genre staples like Explosions In The Sky, MONO, or the heavier tones of Red Sparowes. Once more, the emotional depth is palpable as This World Has Bees reaffirms their creative peak over the four-year span that birthed this collection of songs.

The band offers insight to some of the creative process: "On the lead up to March of 2020 we had variably worked on iterations of these tracks - most of which changed drastically. After almost 2 years of isolation we found the time to pick things up where we left off. After multiple recording sessions, re-amping parts, changing effects, and multiple mixing sessions we felt confident in these pieces as they stood. We hope you enjoy them even a modicum as much as we do."

This World Has Bees are well suited to become a staple themselves in current post rock. This Barren Place flows eloquently from beginning to end, leaving an impression that goes beyond the usual impact of an average post rock release.

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