Sungaze: So Light

Cincinnati, Ohio dreamgazers, Sungaze, are back with their new single and video, So Light. The track explores an intriguing concept and showcases the band's refined and evolving sound.

The core members, Ivory Snow and Ian Hilvert, are joined by Snow's sister, Angela Colvin, on bass guitar, Zach Starkie on rhythm guitar, Justin Van Wagenen on drums, and Charlie Hausfeld on keys.

The band describes: "So Light is our answer to the question, 'what if we made a heavy sounding song that wasn't lyrically negative?'.

"This track is about confronting outdated beliefs, recognizing the role we play in our own suffering, and learning to let go of the things that sting, in favor of opening ourselves to the freedom that comes from walking away."

Exploring themes of personal transformation and the release of long-held suffering, the song is a heartfelt shoegaze piece. Its appeal lies in well-crafted instrumentals which lean towards the heavier side of the shoegaze spectrum, complemented by warm, emotive vocals.

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