Phantom Handshakes: Good Intentions

Good Intentions is the lead single and opening track from the forthcoming album by Phantom Handshakes, Sirens at Golden Hour. It is an introspective lo-fi track which comes forward with a slow, gradually building radiance. The band self-produced the song in their individual home studios.

Phantom Handshakes explain: "The song explores how, despite our best intentions, we sometimes fall short of achieving the goals we set out for ourselves, possibly due to bad days, anxiety, or mental and physical issues. And It's perfectly okay to take a step back, proceed at a slower pace, adjust our objectives. However, this can be difficult to accept in a society that values efficiency and success as top qualities."

Good Intentions is a richly melodic track which blends psychedelic pop, garage rock, and dreampop elements, exhibiting the band's signature style, and highlighting their renewed energy and updated sound.

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