dayaway: rogue wave

dayaway prepare for the release of their new EP, ghost beach, scheduled to come out on August 14th, 2024, via Turn to Wind. The dreampop group has released their third single off the impending EP, rogue wave, another amiable and dreamlike number. The song is paired to a tropical video which the duo filmed on Tybee Island, Georgia. 

dayaway's Amber Renee comments on the new track: “rogue wave is probably my favorite song from this project. I really love using magical realism to express a feeling, and this one is especially fun. Falling in love is exactly like getting dragged to the bottom of somebody else’s ocean. It’s messy and dangerous and all-consuming. And Graham captured that feeling so perfectly with the production. I love everything about it.

rogue wave is encased in a lush production, combines dreampop and surf pop elements in a distinctive way that has become the band's hallmark, and features lyrics that ignite emotions of urgency and intimacy.

Photo by Graham Marsh

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