Astari Nite: Tongue Tied Galore

Astari Nite are back with their new album, Resolution of Happiness, released through Negative Gain. The band also debuts the video for Tongue Tied Galore, a straightforward, gritty gothic rock track with a sentimental touch.

The song combines surreal imagery with introspective and emotionally raw themes, exploring feelings of uniqueness, mental health challenges, emotional turmoil, and the longing for connection.

Astari Nite comment on the video and its DIY approach: "The Tongue-Tied Galore video for us was about portraying a day in the life of the band, or many days in the life of the band from hanging out before and after the shows, to touring and seeing friends, hitting stages near and far such as the Red Party and Dark Force Fest, without forgetting where we came from. Our city of Miami and stages like Churchills (which is greatly missed) were repeatedly paid tribute to throughout the video.

"Whereas the song itself is visceral in nature, the video absorbs itself and scenes of happiness we shared together. And as such, with the help of our friends the video is made of pictures in the collage of our daily lives, often greater than the sum of all its parts."

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