True Gloom: Demo

Based in Hamburg, Germany, TRUE GLOOM is a hardcore punk group made up of Henrik, João, Sabi, and Jens. Their five-song demo tape shows how the group comfortably explores the rocking limits of hardcore music, and come up with a raw, intense energy, which is clearly reflected in their sound and style.

TRUE GLOOM's music expresses an overwhelming sense of disappointment and rage, and it personifies an effective emotional route from feeling disadvantaged and exhausted to denying damaging influences and adopting empowerment through solidarity and retribution. 

The demo's guitar-driven energy is evident throughout. The band starts off with a moody, bluesy intro before exploding into a sound which is synonymous with hardcore punk. The EP addresses themes of facing pain, battling with failed ambitions and feeling caught in an endless loop of unmet expectations. The band exhibits an unrelentingly fierce sound, and their dynamism and energy are palpable.

Photo by Florian Nielsen

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