the stalk: venus in virgo

Gloomy electro duo, the stalk, comes up with a distinct style dubbed 'witch tech,' a techno/darkwave hybrid that combines swirling synthesizers, pulsating bass, and haunting melodies. The project's fresh sound created by producer Joey Frostad (wut<3) is artfully guided by singer-songwriter Miranda Elliott (Old Man of the Woods), who delivers lyrical incantations.

Their debut single, venus in virgo, is released under New York-based indie label Totally Real Records.

The track began as a minimalist post punk number, with "layers and layers of cavernous vocals spit, whispered, and growled over a driving bass line at 3am alone in Miranda’s apartment as a festering fury finally bubbled over." Joey's input made it into a concept which transcends simple genre conventions and is notably more eerie and obscure. 

The song is both entrancing and menacing, with intricate production layers giving way to a mesmeric narrative. The performance sets the stage for a dark, atmospheric piece which blends moody electronica with post punk and dreampop components in a bewitching and enticing manner.

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