Mahogany: A Scaffold

Mahogany, the shoegaze outfit from which we last heard in 2013, blends post punk, shoegaze, electronica and classical influences to produce intricate and forward-thinking compositions. Duo Andrew Prinz and Jaclyn Slimm layer vocals, twin twelve-string guitars, deep basslines, strong rhythms, and an array of synths and samplers to create an immersive experience dubbed the 'Hypercube.'

Their discography includes two well-received full length albums, The Dream of the Modern Day and Connectivity!, alongside numerous singles, EPs, and a release of compilation tracks. 

A Scaffold, their latest single, marks the band's return which is incredibly notable and impressive. Produced with Jeremy Scott at Brooklyn's Civil Defense studio, the track features a sinuous bassline and their trademark expansive synth textures, and emerges as a bold continuation of their sound, coming with a fresh, contemporary twist.

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