Horse Jumper of Love: Wink

Horse Jumper of Love have announced their upcoming album, Disaster Trick, which is set to release on August 16th, 2024 via Run For Cover Records. In their new material, the trio elevates their sound while maintaining their signature intimacy. Lead single, Wink, featuring guest vocals from Karly Hartzman of Wednesday, distills the band's songwriting to its core elements.

Frontman Dimitri Giannopoulos discusses the track, which is accompanied by a music video directed by Brittany Reeber: “I was inspired by a Russian short story called “Leaves” by Dimitry Bakin. The story is partly about people leaving their home for something better but when they return they are back to the same place they started. The story shed some perspective on my own life and the ebb and flow of pushing forward for something better and going back to your old ways.

Photo by POND Creative

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