Second Language: Souvenirs (2024 Remix)

In November 1981, Second Language came together when Jessie Jacobson and Jerome Faulkner, who had previously played in The Trend since 1979, decided to form a new band. They were joined by Chris Hutchinson on bass and Rick Winward on drums. Temporarily dubbed 2L, the band recorded demos in 1982 while performing across Los Angeles and Southern California.

In 1983, they collaborated with Earle Mankey on a four-song demo, featuring guest vocalist Toni Zeto on two tracks. Zeto later joined the band, and Ron Fair of Chrysalis Records produced three new tracks for them. One of these was Souvenirs which was reworked to incorporate new members Jarrett Lesko on bass and Brian Bielski on drums, with the latter showcasing percussion skills, including playing a metal chair. This version, reflecting the band's evolving lineup, became the sole 2L track to feature all seven members from the initial lineups.

The video for Souvenirs, captured at the Lhasa Club on May 21st, 1983, by Steven Alan Green, is accompanied by Michael James' 2024 single mix of the track.

Souvenirs is an engaging, well produced piece which transitions between new wave and post punk influences, encapsulating the dynamic essence of the eighties. Its recent remix version serves as an engaging reintroduction to contemporary audiences, coming across with a timeless appeal.

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