Renonce: Mauvais perdant

Mauvais perdant is the focus track of the new album, Nuisance sonore, by darkwave act Renonce which comes out on April 12th, 2024. Renonce from Montreal, collaborates with darkwave artist Laura Krieg for an atmospheric piece, influenced by synthwave and shoegaze. With its infectious hooks and engaging lyrics, Mauvais perdant which translates to 'Sore loser,' is a great track which stands tall among the finest in current darkwave.

The song examines themes of melancholy and withdrawal, as well as notions of loss and isolation which keep being consistently prominent in the sound of Renonce. It navigates the struggle to hold onto hope and faith amidst a world filled with elusive happiness, portraying a sense of defeat linked with fleeting optimism.

Renonce's entire new album is an immersive experience. The follow up to the very good and groundbreaking Ombre, the new full length lives up to the reputation the artist has built through the earlier offerings. Nuisance sonore seamlessly blends post punk, darkwave, industrial, and electronic elements, and takes a notably harsher and wilder direction than its predecessor. Lyrically strong, it delves into the depths of pain and soul, accompanied by a sound which oscillates between acerbity and compositional finesse.

Released through boutique labels Verboden (CA) and Negative Gain (US), Nuisance sonore solidifies Renonce's position as a dark force to be reckoned with in the darkwave realm.

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