Kulk: Beyond Gone

Beyond Gone marks the debut single from Kulk's upcoming album It Gets Worse. Hailing from Norwich, the duo delivers a raw and daring sound, drawing inspiration from industrial, doom metal, sludge, and noise rock sounds. It Gets Worse arrives two and a half years following the band's powerful and innovative second record, We Spare Nothing.

Kulk's vocalist Thom Longdin comments on the track: "As the most musically upbeat track on the record we thought it would be fitting for to be the lead single and act as a metaphor for the whole record. Beyond Gone sums up the whole theme of the record in its simplest terms, greed manifest as pain. Everyone and their nan knows or has a story about the time they took that extra edible even though they knew they didn't need it. In that moment all your hubris melts away as you look your desire in the eye and takes you to hell. This track and video is one of those stories, the fable of the time a dear friend of ours went to see Twilight's Robert Pattinson as Batman."

Reuniting with producer Wayne Adams (Petbrick, Big Lad), Kulk composed of Jade Ashleigh on drums and Thom Longdin on vocals and guitar, honed their sound, emphasizing on a louder and more aggressive direction, ultimately reaching a new level of intensity.

It Gets Worse is set for release through HUMAN WORTH, with a commitment to donate 10% of all sales proceeds to the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund.

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