King Bastard: The Dawn of Man

From Whence They Came is the anticipated new album from heavy hitters, King Bastard, set to release June 21st, 2024, heralded by their grand new track, The Dawn of Man.

The band elevates the intensity and sheer heaviness from their previous work to new heights, as their latest single unleashes a imposing sonic assault. A fusion of extreme sludge and doom metal intensity melds seamlessly with an irresistible composition, resulting in their most colossal piece yet. Clocking in at twelve minutes, The Dawn of Man creates quite the journey, and every moment is unmissable.

In a thematic departure from their debut album, From Whence They Came goes deep into the origins of humanity and its way towards war and ruin. The new track serves as a solid introduction to this concept, setting the stage for the sophomore album's exploration of the contrasting realms of trippy and frenzied elements of extreme doom metal. Going from primal riffs to a rich and complex sound, the track creates a fascinating juxtaposition and remains exciting for the whole ride.

Stoner metal, sludge, doom, and psychedelia, combined with hints of shoegaze and post-metal, are blended together in a way that doesn't result in a chaotic mishmash, but rather delivers a powerful punch of individuality and sophistication.

Neurosis and post metal enthusiast in general, rejoice, as the track's buildup is nothing short of monumental, and demands a full twelve minutes of undivided attention and concentration.

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