Julia Gaeta: Hangin' On A Dream

Paris-based American musician Julia Gaeta introduces Hangin' On A Dream, the second single from her upcoming EP, Blur Divine. The essence of the new release revolves around portraying a nocturnal world where introspective yet danceable 'unlove' songs are prevalent.

Gaeta examines themes of distorted perception, a reality which can come across as surreal, as well as the compulsive nature which often accompanies love's demise. Despite the darker subject matter, the EP veils these themes in an airy tapestry of sound, with Hangin' On A Dream melding magnetic dreampop elements with industrial textures in an engaging blend.

Julia Gaeta describes: "Hangin' On A Dream is about coming to terms with your desires, and realizing you may have never had them fulfilled. You’re grasping at something and it slips away, leaving you hanging, confused, wondering. The verses were written on the spot in a studio in Portugal. This is a dual-part song, one that begins very intimately and floaty, and then swells deeper into a trance-like state."

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