Have A Nice Life: When I Go Deaf

As a part of The Flenser & Friends tribute album, Your Voice Is Not Enough, which will be released later this year, Have A Nice Life cover Low's When I Go Deaf

Tim Macuga of the band comments:  "I joined an America Online mixtape exchange as a teenager when my mom first got us internet. The older gentleman I was paired with sent a tape I still have with mostly tunes by Low, Swans, and Godspeed. I sent him 40 youth crew hardcore tracks and I think he bummed.

Additionally, the Voids demo compilation by Have A Nice Life is set to release on May 17th, 2024.

Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga frequently posted old demos and outtakes from Deathconsciousness recording sessions to stay in touch with their online fan base. Fans collected these into an unofficial album called Voids, which included early versions of songs from later albums and alternate takes on Deathconsciousness songs. On May 17th, 2024, The Flenser will officially reissue Voids in physical form, marking more than ten years since its unofficial debut.

Photo by Cam Smith

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