Elektrokohle: I Wanna Cry

I Wanna Cry marks the second single release from Berlin's post punk outfit Elektrokohle, out through Dushtu Records (France) and Off Label Records (Germany). Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Fabio Buemi at Funkhaus Berlin, the two tracks which compose the release delve into introspective themes, portraying inner dialogues akin to confronting oneself and seeking solace from a lost soul, looking for answers in mere eye contact. 

The band's sonic signature is based in an aggressive post punk and darkwave aesthetic, emerging with a lot of energy and intensity.

The accompanying music video, created by Brazilian musician and videomaker Murilo Sá, presents a stark portrayal of post punk vigor and rawness in beautiful, plain black and white. Filmed largely at Berlin's Neurotitan Gallery, the video's austere scenes and stroboscopic lighting produce an atmosphere fraught with dark unease. 

The visuals in the clip channel the internal struggles of the song's themes through flashes of light and shadow, while basement shots enhance the notions of solitude and self-reflection.

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