Agriculture: In The House of Angel Flesh

As Agriculture gear up for the release of their album, which merges two EPs; their first release The Circle Chant and the latest one, Living is Easy, the experimental black metal group has unveiled In the House of Angel Flesh, the second single from the latter EP.

Agriculture comment that the song, "...builds on themes of community care and interrelation that we’ve explored elsewhere. It’s an opportunity to be more direct both lyrically and musically and represent moments of both care and struggle we see in our daily lives: friends who can’t seem to escape certain negative patterns, friends who help each other get by in material ways, and friends helping friends who can’t see a way forward. Our goal was to excite and uplift while carrying some of the dissonance that comes with living in this world."

Living is Easy represents a significant step forward for Agriculture, building on ideas from their debut album. Through extensive touring and shared excited experiences with audiences, the band became motivated to dig deeper into their own brand of 'ecstatic black metal.'

The band says: "Touring is one of our greatest joys as a band. Sharing our music, visiting new spaces, and meeting new people in new cities all over is a constant source of inspiration for what we do. We are so excited to share this music with you."

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