The KVB: Overload

Overload is the newest single revealed off the much anticipated new album, Tremors by The KVB. The track discharges a propulsive energy with underlying melancholic tones, driven by the impeccable fusion of acoustic guitars, gentle vocals, and shimmering synths.

The KVB describe the new single: “Overload embodies the dystopian pop aesthetic of the album. It’s about the dilemmas of the creative process, being dependent on when inspiration strikes, never being content with your own creations and striving to make something new and better. Ultimately, it’s relinquishing fear of failure, and asserting the desire to create.

On the entire full length, they mention that they have “expanded on previous album themes of dystopia, apocalypse and the human condition, but with a more pessimistic outlook and deeper distrust than before. It also touches on themes of loss, and the resistance, lament and acceptance of inevitable change.

Written between Manchester and Bristol, and produced alongside James Trevascus, The KVB put together their latest album by tapping into their own repertoire and drawing inspiration from the music which initially ignited their artistic venture.

Tremors will be out on April 5th, 2024, through Invada Records.

Photo by @georgekatsanakis

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