Street Fever: Fate

Street Fever is a multifaceted, multimedia performer from Boise, Idaho, who has emerged with an enigmatic presence, remaining anonymous. Their musical style, born from a mixture of life experiences and sonic experimentation, is rather versatile. Raised within the DIY hardcore scene, they draw inspiration from a diverse range of genres including hardcore, heavy rap, industrial techno, EBM, noise, electro, and classical music.

After facing serious struggles such as being held in a Thai prison, mental health problems, and drug addiction, the artist has shown a lot of determination throughout their life, and has managed to channel all these experiences into their music and art.

Fate explores concepts of self-love, desire, and introspection, offering a profound look into one's inner self to embrace their identity. The piece is characterized by its engaging, dark, and contemplative atmosphere, reflecting a dreamlike mindset, while the accompanying video enhances the ethereal quality of Street Fever's music, further immersing in its brooding journey.

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