Sons of Alpha Centauri: Pull

Sons of Alpha Centauri unveil the title track from their upcoming fourth studio album, Pull, following their 2021 release, Push. Jonah Matranga, known for his work with post-hardcore bands Far and Gratitude, rejoins the band on vocals, with Pull representing a seamless progression from Push, blending elements of searing post hardcore, alternative metal, and progressive rock. 

With past collaborations including Godflesh, Karma To Burn, Yawning Man, and members of Kyuss, ISIS, and Queens Of The Stone Age, Sons of Alpha Centauri come forward with an album which combines heaviness and emotionality in a natural manner.

Bassist and founding member Nick Hannon comments on the song: "The pace of Pull and the harmonies tied in with Jonah’s soaring vocals is when we knew we were taking it to the next level. This track embodies the natural evolution of the band away from Push and into the new world of Pull! Experience it!

Jonah Matranga adds: “When I heard Pull for the first time, I instantly imagined myself flying along in some wild machine. The vocals arrived effortlessly. I think the song ended up being about momentum, autonomy, and creativity. Really getting free. All these ways of moving through our external and internal worlds. I hope you turn it way up while riding or driving really fast, or taking off in a plane, or maybe skydiving. Anything disorienting."

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