Sickrecy: ...Up For Ignorance

...Up For Ignorance is a fast and aggressive track by Sickrecy with lyrics which vividly depict a society besieged by corruption, inequality, and oppression, urging listeners to resist and challenge the prevailing norms. 

Reflecting the rebellious ethos of hardcore punk, the band delivers an unyielding performance, confronting authority and societal injustices head-on. Sickrecy comment on the track: "It's about how we choose to be ignorant about the fact that Europe once again is going deeper into the cesspit of fascism and autocracy and we choose not to see the problems with our current politics as the citizens is being fed this idiocracy."

The track is featured in a split album with Belgium's Barren, released on vinyl and CD by SELFMADEGOD Records and on cassette by Bullwhip Records.

Photo courtesy of Sickrecy

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