Olin Janusz: Crowland

Crowland serves as the final single release from Please Leave Quietly, the impending album by experimental musician Olin Janusz, slated for release on April 5th, 2024, via Stellar Frequencies, Candlepin Records, and Araki Records.

The track stands as the lengthiest composition on the album, coming across with a beautiful instrumental base that prominently features pedal steel and mellotron layers, and includes Logan Farmer from Western Vinyl, collaborating on vocals with Janusz.

Janusz delves into a somber narrative, recounting his final interaction with a paternal figure before their untimely passing, hence the song's moving weightiness and incredibly composed and moody tone.

Crowland unfolds gradually, hinting at a climactic moment which never fully materializes; in its own way emulating the unresolved nature of genuine loss.

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