Harvestman: Psilosynth

Harvestman, the ongoing project by Steve Von Till, plans to unveil Triptych, a series of three albums, during the full moons of 2024. The first installment, Triptych Part One, is set to launch through Neurot Recordings, aligning with the Pink Moon on April 23rd, 2024.

Each part of the Triptych series, including Part One, will feature collaborations with Al Cisneros, the bassist of Om and a close friend of Steve's.

About the process of creating Psilosynth, Steve says: "My friend, Al Cisneros (OM, Sleep) played bass on a Harvestman track years ago on my “In a Dark Tongue” album and has always said he’d be willing to put down more whenever needed. In 2019, I took him up on that offer and sent him raw tracks including a primitive drum rhythm, layers of Moog forming an evolving chord, and a pulsing track originating from my Grendel Drone Commander processed through a Sherman Filter Bank. Al found a perfect groove that anchored all these cosmic particles. Once the structure was revealed, I responded with guitars, mellotron melodies and percussion. The mix is a spaced out journey allowing the various pieces to ebb and flow, taking turns rising to the top then dissolving back into the primordial." About the contemplation behind the track, he adds that he was inspired by "the role of rhythms and analog synthesisers in creating meditative states of consciousness."

Created from recordings made in Steve Von Till's home studio over the span of two decades, this fifth release under the fag of Harvestman draws parallels with the cyclical rhythms of nature, not only because of its scheduled release dates but also by way of the recurring structure that unites each album. It's akin to an impression refracted through three distinct layers, echoing the patterns found in nature's own cycles.

Artist photo by Niels Verwijk

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